S 6 DN eco premium

The Neuruppin stored pressure foam extinguisher range offers a very efficient localised discharge using only a small amount of foam agent. The extinguisher is certified for its environmental friendliness.

Benefits of this range include a greatly reduced clean up cost when compared to powder extinguishers.

This type of extinguisher is used in frost free areas for A and B fire risk protection, storage (including flammable liquids), warehousing (also for flammable liquids), the chemical industry , energy industries, public facilities and office buildings .

  • Milieukeur certificate for environmentally low-impact Eco-foaming agent

  • Universal use on Class A and B fire risks

  • A stable AFFF layer reduces the risk of re-flash

  • Available with anti freeze protection

  • Tested for use on electrical equipment, [up to 1000V at least 1 metre distance]

  • Enhanced corrosion protection with additional internal corrosion protection via 1 mm internal PE coating, tested twice to ensure layer protection quality

  • Large diameter neck ring for easy service inspection

  • Special spray nozzle to optimise droplet size and improve discharge projection range

  • User friendly long duration of operation

  • Gauge and pressure check valve are standard

  • Optional plastic foot ring available available

  • Optional vehicle bracket mounting available

  • Optional stainless steel valve grips available


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Optional Equipment

Flexible plastic hoods:

907720: Plastic cover with rubber 6kg

Floor Stands:

607310: Floor stand for a fire extinguisher 3,6,9,12 kg / l, red lacquered

0253255: Floor stand for a fire extinguisher 3,6,9,12 kg / l, easy to carry, white lacquered

0253256: Floor stand for a fire extinguisher 3,6,9,12 kg / l, easy to carry, electro galvanized

607311: Floor stand for two fire extinguishers 3,6,9,12 kg / l, red lacquered

Sheet Metal Protection Cabinets:

907480: Sheet metal cabinet, 2 fire extinguishers up to 12 kg, door can be sealed with rotating handle, with slanting roof; Red Outside dimensions: H755 x B600 x T220 mm

907470: Brass cabinet HL070, red, with sloping roof, without back wall, door with rotary handle and sealable; Outside dimensions: H730 x B370 x T240 mm

Plastic protective boxes:

907695: Protective cover crystal, gray base, transparent cover, panic closure, outside dimensions: H715 x B310 x T230

907754: Rimbox 155, red lid with viewing window, robust design; Outside dimensions: H674 x B313 x T255

607060: Plastic box 6/9 kg, base gray, transparent cover, with neuruppin embossing, outer dimensions: H645 x B320 x T220

Stand Ring:

201122: Plastic foot ring diameter 150 black

Vehicle holder:

0253274: Vehicle holder with storage basket

200590: 6l Vehicle holder with support √ł150


Charging (kg): 6

Extinguishing Agent: Neufoam eco AP

Rating: 34A 183B

Temperature (°C): 0/ +60

Weight (kg): 10

Width (mm): 225

Height (mm): 560

Discharge Time(s): 50

Effective range (m): 5

Approvals: CE*, EN3, WM**, KM, eco

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