Aviation Fire at an airport can cause devastating consequences if not quickly and effectively contained and suppressed. A fire on the runway, around fueling areas, and in hangars can cause an exceptional amount of damage, especially when you consider the highly flammable fuels involved.

According to Boeing, there are approximately 500 commercial aircraft accidents a year around the world. The ability to safely control fire and flammable liquids is imperative. There are many dangers to consider in the event of a possible aviation fire, worrying that your business may not have all the systems to handle such a situation should not be one of them.

You need a company that can protect you not only from the primary and obvious fire hazards, but the ones you may not consider at risk. The control room, the data center, or the mechanical room can pose a substantial fire threat. FLN solutions can provide the right product to secure your business, no matter the need.

Whether outside or inside the airport - FLN’s full range of application-specific, high performance portable extinguishers are powerful and flexible enough for all types of fire risk. With various handheld portable extinguishers perfect for all types indoor and outdoor areas, as well as wheeled extinguishing units for larger outdoor areas, such as refueling areas and hangars, FLN can provide you with the right product for your needs.

FLN solutions will help safeguard your personnel, your property, and most importantly your passengers. No matter the requirement, FLN has a portable extinguisher for your need