Telecommunications At the heart of telecommunications, maintain highly-sensitive equipment is the priority. From a fire protection standpoint, telecommunications equipment facilities present a unique set of conditions. Life safety hazards notwithstanding, a fire that might be considered small in other industrial settings can have a devastating impact on the community such facilities serve. Most, if not all, of the telecommunications equipment is generally stored in a central location, elevating your risk with enormous potential impact on networks.

With global gross domestic product, or GDP, calculated at approximately $77 trillion for 2014, and the telecommunications sector estimated at $2 trillion and growing, the telecom industry accounts for approximately 2.5% of worldwide GDP, according to The financial impact of service disruptions can be significant, and FLN is there to help minimize those disruptions.

FLN’s standard foam, water and water mist extinguishers provide a quick and easy-to-operate fire suppression solution for those areas where employees and clients gather, while FNL’s CO2 extinguishers provide a more suitable option for use on electrical and computer equipment.

You need a fire suppression solution that protects your high-value equipment from the damage caused by fire, and by traditional fire suppression agents. A full-range of FLN solutions suppress fires and keep your business running.

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