Transportation We depend on many forms of transportation to move people and products throughout our communities and throughout the globe. Vehicle fires caused an estimated annual average of three civilian deaths, 30 civilian injuries, and $24.2 million in direct property damage per year.

So when it comes to transportation you need a fire suppression solution that will quickly and effectively suppress a fire before it gets out of control - on land, sea or air.

FLN’s F-500 is the perfect fire suppression system for the transportation industry.

The main applications for the F-500 fire extinguisher are fires of solid materials, in particular plastics (including SLCs - small load carriers), rubber, and batteries, making it ideal for cars, trucks, buses, boats, helicopters, planes, and heavy construction vehicles. The F-500’s extinguishing agent is approved in accordance with UL, EN and maritime navigation standards. Its increase of surface activity increases depth of penetration into the flammable material, allowing safety workers to keep a safe distance. FLN’s unique fluorine-free extinguishing agent encapsulates the fuels and flammable gases, providing additional fire suppression.

FLN provides dependable portable extinguishers. These systems help to limit the amount of damage and help prevent loss of life.

FLN offers a full-range of fast-acting, high-performance fire extinguisher solutions that protect transportation and transporters.

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