Oil and Gas/Chemical/Petro Chemical

Oil and Gas/Chemical/Petro Chemical There’s probably no environment that poses a greater fire hazard risk than Oil and Gas facilities. An average of 228 refinery or natural gas plant fires occurred per year around the world, with estimated economic loss in the billions. Oil and gas well drilling and servicing activities involve many different types of equipment and materials. Recognizing and controlling hazards is critical to preventing injuries and deaths.

Given the highly volatile nature of flammable liquids, you need protection that you can count on.

Beside powder and foam based high rating extinguishers FLN provides a polar liquid fire extinguisher that is used for special hazard fires on polar liquids. Applications would include the chemical industry and the production of cosmetics, cleaners, disinfectants and adhesives. The extinguisher is also effective on acetone, propanol, methanol, ethanol and other alcohol based fires.

FLN’s wheeled units are equipped with external cartridges and available with a range of different sizes and extinguishing agents, giving you speed and mobility to handle larger fires.

From your bulk storage, control rooms, electrical areas, flammable liquids/chemical storage, generator rooms, laboratories, loading racks, pipeline pumping stations, pump rooms, to your storage tanks, FLN provides the solution to your fire suppression protection.

With a full-range of high-performance fire suppression solutions that give you the protection you need, FLN is there when you need it most.