Data Centers

Data Centers Protecting critical data and assets from fire alone isn’t enough. You also need to protect your data centers from the damage left behind by traditional suppression agents. According to the Geneva Association, in 2010 the economic loss - direct or indirect - in Germany and The United Kingdom alone was $44.5 million. Don’t let your business be a part of that statistic. FLN solutions can help.

Your primary hazard areas are electrical equipment, data processing equipment and your telecommunications network. These areas prove to be the most critical areas for most businesses. Losing any one of these areas to fire would be a devastating blow to your pocket book, not only in the equipment you would need to replace, but the data and business continuity you lost.

Protect these areas with FLN’s CO2 fire extinguishers. These systems are especially suited to suppress fires in areas where you want to limit collateral damage essential to your business. Servers can be replaced but loss of data and downtime could put a company out of business for good. The fluid in these systems can be used in total flooding fire suppression applications such as; data processing centers, tape storage vaults, and occupied or unoccupied electronic areas with very sensitive or irreplaceable equipment.

FLN’s full range of application-specific, high performance portable extinguishers are powerful and flexible enough for all types of fire risk. FLN solutions suppress fires; whilst helping you protect what matters most - people, and property and the keep your business operational. No matter the requirement, FLN has a portable extinguisher for your need.

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