Cultural Properties (Museums/Archival Storage)

Cultural Properties (Museums/Archival Storage) Protecting irreplaceable assets from fire alone isn’t enough. You also need to protect your property from the damage caused by traditional suppression agents. Using water as a fire suppressant in areas where irreplaceable, high-value assets are stored, could be as devastating as fire itself.

FLN’s CO2 and CO2 antimagnetic extinguishers can be used to protect irreplaceable works of art, museum assets and archival storage.

FLN offers the antimagnetic version for use in areas where sensitive materials, equipment, and irreplaceable assets are located. The range is also suitable for extinguishing burning liquid (class B) fires.

In addition to the CO2 extinguishers, FLN provides the globally recognized water mist technology to fire extinguishers in the low pressure range. Using less water, whilst also being kind to the environment, a higher cooling efficiency can be reached, making it a highly useful fire protection solution for museums and exhibitions.

FLN solution systems are especially suited to suppress fires in areas where cleanup of other agents poses a problem, and in normally occupied areas that demand a non-toxic agent. We recognize that safeguarding the lives of staff and visitors is more essential than the preservation of the assets and archives. Life safety must always come first. FLN provides non-toxic solutions to protect life and limit exposure to your staff, patrons and the environment.

FLN’s full range of application-specific, high performance portable extinguishers are powerful and flexible enough for all types of fire risk. FLN solutions suppress fires; whilst helping you protect what matters most - people, priceless articles and property and the environment. No matter the requirement, FLN has a portable extinguisher for your need.

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